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METZELER KAROO 4 motorgumi

140/80 R 17 M/C 69Q M+S TL

140/80 R 17 M/C 69Q M+S TL
első gumi

Ára: 54 400 Ft
azonnal szállítható
KAROO™ 4 is the evolution of the heroic KAROO™ 3: a comprehensive tyre for Adventure Bikes and Maxi Enduro to overcome the boundaries of adventouring.

Exemplary off-road traction also in bottomless dirt

Scoop-shaped blocks maximise the rack effect on soft terrains; knob shaping promotes both massive centre traction and lateral self-cleaning; the entire knob layout ensures a continuous support at any lean angle also on hard-packed terrains

Significant on-road handling regardless of the load case

Stiffer carcass structures promote a superior performance at all stages; new multi-radius profiles enable enhanced road capabilities and promote line holding and grip in lean, with dual-compound rears and lateral knobs shaped to enhance rubber response under heavy loads

Best in class* for wet performance and rider-aid integration

Tread rubber layout and tyre profile enable adventourers to cope with lashing rain, cold temperatures, dodgy road surfaces and also in wet conditions and during emergency braking

*In this specific tyre sub-segment, according to internal wet braking test methodology on BMW R1250GS with VIn = 85km/h, VOut=0km/h, TAmbient = 25°C, TRoad = 25°
Extreme abrasion, cutting and tearing resistance

New rubber formulations improve resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing with highly-aggressive tread-wear conditions; new profiles promote rubber thermal stability by optimising footprint

Tömeg: 4,20 kg