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150/70 R 17 M/C 69V TL

150/70 R 17 M/C 69V TL
hátsó gumi

Ára: 65 300 Ft
azonnal szállítható

The evolution of the legendary TOURANCE™ NEXT, a newest road-oriented benchmark for riding pleasure that dares you to challenge any road

Accurate control feeling and solid all-grades handling

Agile and neutral behaviour thanks to radial structure with 0 degree steel belt and INTERACT™ technology

Impressive wet and braking response

The new benchmark for wet handling and braking performance. Segment leading behaviour, even in cold temperatures, thanks to new compounds and METZELER HYPERBASE™ construction. 

1.5m shorter stopping distance than the best competitor in the segment*

*According to internal wet braking test conducted from 85km/h at 25°C

Immediate and durable performance throughout the entire tyre lifecycle

The evolution of the legendary design of TOURANCE™ NEXT is boosted by both new compounds and METZELER DYMATEC™ (Dynamic Mould Angle Technology), a design methodology that ensures performance duration by finely preserving functional knob geometries

Outstanding comfort and safety whilst riding with or without pillions or luggage

The combination of METZELER structures and new compounds results in reliable stability and line holding regardless of the loading condition

Tömeg: 5,20 kg