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METZELER KAROO 4 motorgumi


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KAROO™ 4 is the evolution of the heroic KAROO™ 3: a comprehensive tyre for Adventure Bikes and Maxi Enduro to overcome the boundaries of adventouring.

Exemplary off-road traction also in bottomless dirt

Scoop-shaped blocks maximise the rack effect on soft terrains; knob shaping promotes both massive centre traction and lateral self-cleaning; the entire knob layout ensures a continuous support at any lean angle also on hard-packed terrains

Significant on-road handling regardless of the load case

Stiffer carcass structures promote a superior performance at all stages; new multi-radius profiles enable enhanced road capabilities and promote line holding and grip in lean, with dual-compound rears and lateral knobs shaped to enhance rubber response under heavy loads

Best in class* for wet performance and rider-aid integration

Tread rubber layout and tyre profile enable adventourers to cope with lashing rain, cold temperatures, dodgy road surfaces and also in wet conditions and during emergency braking

*In this specific tyre sub-segment, according to internal wet braking test methodology on BMW R1250GS with VIn = 85km/h, VOut=0km/h, TAmbient = 25°C, TRoad = 25°
Extreme abrasion, cutting and tearing resistance

New rubber formulations improve resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing with highly-aggressive tread-wear conditions; new profiles promote rubber thermal stability by optimising footprint

Ár (ÁFÁ-val)
nincs raktáron
50 600 Ft
azonnal szállítható
49 000 Ft
nincs raktáron
50 600 Ft
nincs raktáron
53 800 Ft
nincs raktáron
56 200 Ft
azonnal szállítható
54 300 Ft
azonnal szállítható
63 500 Ft
azonnal szállítható
43 800 Ft